THOUGHT Google already knew a lot about you? The company's latest project aims to delve into biology to uncover what it means to be a healthy person. The company's experimental research arm Google X, in collaboration with Duke University in North Carolina and Stanford University in California, has launched the Baseline study to sequence the genomes of 175 volunteers. Researchers will also collect bodily fluids and information on each person's diet, drug use and family history. "Baseline will measure more biological and physiological measures simultaneously than could have been imagined until very recently," says collaborator Robert Califf at Duke University.…
Richard Henry Stoddard/理查德.亨利.斯托达德 There are gains for all our losses.There are balms for all our pain;But when youth,the dream,departsIt takes something from our hearts,And it never comes again. 我们失去的一切都能得到补偿,我们所有的痛苦都能得到安慰;可是梦境似的青春一旦消逝,它带走了我们心中的某种美好,从此一去不复返。 We are stronger, and are better,Under manhood’s sterner reign;Still we feel that something sweetFollowing youth, with flying feet,And will never come again. 我们变得日益刚强、更臻完美,在严峻的成年生活驱使下;可是依然感到甜美的情感,已随着青春飞逝,不再返回。 Something beautiful is vanished,And we sigh for it in vain;We behold it everywhere,On the earth, and in the air,But it never comes again! 美好已经消逝,我们枉自为此叹息;尽管在天地之间,我们处处能见青春的魅力,可是它不再返回!
Virginia Woolf/弗吉尼亚.吴尔夫 The man who is aware of himself is henceforth independent; and he is never bored, and life is only too short, and he is steeped through and through with profound yet temperate happiness. He alone lives, while other people, slaves of ceremony, let life slip past time in a kind of dream. Once conform ,once do what other people do finer than they do it, and a lethargy steals over all the finer nerves and faculties of the soul, He becomes all outer show and inward emptiness; dull, callous, and indifferent. 凡是意识到自我的人从今往后才是独立的;他永远不知疲倦,他明白生命苦短,所以完全沉浸于深深的而又适度的幸福之中。他独立生活,而别人是繁文缛节的奴隶,在醉生梦死之中听从生命悄然流逝。一旦循规蹈矩,一旦人为亦为,呆滞就笼罩着灵魂中一切灵敏的神经和官能。灵魂变得徒有其表,其中空空;迟钝,木然、冷漠。
Our brain's ability to rapidly interpret and analyse new information may lie in the musical hum of our brainwaves. We continuously take in information about the world but establishing new neural connections and pathways – the process thought to underlie memory formation – is too slow to account for our ability to learn rapidly. Evan Antzoulatos and Earl Miller at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology decided to see if brainwaves – the surges of electricity produced by individual neurons firing en masse – play a role. They used EEG to observe patterns of electrical activity in the brains of monkeys…
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  • 2014-05-21