Yesterday, BBC news reported the medical teams in western Africa are losing battles with Ebola, and the cases goes steep. Neither people who tested positive or negative in the area, are quarantined. People there looked so desperate, the only hope for them is to live till next day.

In May

First death from Ebola was confirmed in Sierra Leone.

In June

It was reported outbreak in West Africa especially in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea area.

In July

  • Two American aidworkers are infected with Ebola.
  • Lagos, Nigeriareports its first case of Ebola.
  • Sierra Leone’slead Ebola doctor becomes infected with the virus and dies.

In August

  • The two American aid workers are transferred to Emory University Hospital for treatment.
  • Liberia and SierraLeone impose quarantines in counties with the highest rates of Ebola infection.
  • Spanish missionarypriest Miguel Pajares, 75, dies despite being treated with ZMapp.
  • The World HealthOrganization approves the use of experimental drugs.
  • The death tollrises to 1,013 people. Another 1,848 people have been infected.
  • The supply of the experimental drug ZMapp has been exhausted after maker Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc.provided doses to Liberia.
  • Guinea declares anational health emergency, which means tighter border controls and immediateisolation of anyone suspected to have Ebola.
  • The first tests of a vaccine for Ebola are at least a monthaway.


  1. Since the virus was reported in May, the media said there was no cure at all. How is it possible for a drug company to develop such drug in a very short time? (The first Ebola case was identified in 1976)
  2. After ZMapp was proved to be effective, but the supply was told exhausted, only 12 doses, how was that happen? If the drug has been provided at no cost in all cases, why not distribute the prescription to other countries for producing more doses?
  3. Why the Zmapp was not used in the first time?


People are connected, and they can feel each other, pain or happiness. Now the people there are facing a disaster, death; humanity appearsto be rare than ever. Tonight, at this quiet moment, I feel like to write something down to memorize, about life around us.

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