After 400 BC, a new philosophy was born in South east Asia, generated from the ideas of Buddha, a mysterious Prince from Nepal who gained enlightenment while he sat under a large, shapely fig tree. 佛陀是印度的一位圣人,传说他在一棵大菩提树下获得觉悟而成佛。他从来不曾宣称自己是人间的神或神的使者,他只是认为他是一个找到了某种“平静”的普通人,这种“平静”,其他人也能找到。这部纪录片讲述了他的生活,一段与我们这个时代尤为相关的旅程。
On March 13, the Biden administration approved the controversial Willow Project in Alaska. ConocoPhillips’ massive Willow oil drilling project on Alaska’s North Slope moved through the administration’s approval process for months, galvanizing a sudden uprising of online activism against it, including more than one million letters written to the White House in protest of the project and a petition more than 3 million signatures. Here’s what to know about the Willow Project. What is the Willow Project? ConocoPhillips’ Willow Project is a massive and decadeslong oil drilling venture on Alaska’s North Slope in the National Petroleum Reserve, which is…
Frankly speaking, it doesn't matter whether you are right or wrong, what we are trying to prove is based on what we have on the hand. The only thing left here is that we don't know what we cannot prove.
The discovery that faulty metabolism is at the root of many brain diseases suggests a surprising transplant could be the way to protect our brains from the ravages of ageing
  • Mind
  • 2023-06-29
A company called Moolec has created transgenic soya beans called “Piggy Sooy” in which a quarter of the protein is pig protein rather than plant protein
After decades of searching, astronomers have found a distinctive pattern of light, from spinning stars called pulsars, that suggests huge gravitational waves are creating gentle ripples in space-time across the universe
Generative artificial intelligence applications have become accessible to the public in the past year, opening up vast opportunities for creativity as well as confusion. Just recently, presidential candidate Ron Desantis's campaign shared apparently faked images of Donald Trump and Antony Fauci made with artificial intelligence. A few weeks earlier, a likely AI-generated image of the Pentagon being bombed caused brief stock market dips and a statement from the Department of Defense. With campaigning already underway for the 2024 election, what impact will these technologies have on the race? Will domestic campaigns and foreign countries use these tools to sway public…
Debris from the Titan submersible, recovered from the ocean floor near the wreck of the Titanic, is unloaded from the ship Horizon Arctic at the Canadian Coast Guard pier in St. John's, Newfoundland, Wednesday, June 28, 2023.
Smoke from wildfires in Canada is again blanketing parts of the U.S. with a thick haze that's reducing visibility and prompting air quality warnings in several states. States across the Midwest are bearing the brunt of the wildfire smoke, which for a short time on Tuesday caused Chicago to have among the worst air quality in the world. Other cities — including Detroit, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh — were also facing "very unhealthy" air quality levels. The National Weather Service said the poor air quality caused by wildfire smoke could persist for a couple of days, though forecast specifics may change.…