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Sci fi author Lavie Tidhar: Using Midjourney to explore ethics of AI

AI tools can explore the ethics of AI itself, says Lavie Tidhar.  His new dystopian film uses AI image-generation program Midjourney to tell the story of a well-meaning artificial intelligence trying to help the last surviving human Award-winning science fiction author Lavie Tidhar is a busy man. Between his own writing and editing projects, including The Best of World SF…

Strange quantum effect observed in unusually large object

An object made of hundreds of atoms exhibits a quantum property normally only associated with very small objects Quantum entanglement. Conceptual artwork of a pair of entangled quantum particles or events (left and right) interacting at a distance. Quantum entanglement is one of the consequences of quantum theory. Two particles will appear to be linked across space and time, with…

Should we genetically engineer cats to stop their urge to kill?

Is it possible, or desirable, to produce a genetically engineered cat that doesn’t have an urge to kill wildlife? Tilly the cat, transcribed by Pat Sheil Camperdown, New South Wales, Australia I am more than happy to be part of any experiment that involves the genetic modification of domestic cats to reduce their desire to attack endangered wildlife, but on…

The World Before Us review: A gripping account of Earth’s other humans

Viking ASK any well-informed human living up to 40,000 years or so ago if they were the only intelligent being around, and they would have answered, “No”. That is because at that (geologically) recent time, our ancestors would still have been sharing Earth with several other human groups. In a very real sense, we were not alone. Today we are.…

Does local honey really work as a hay fever cure?

IT IS that time of year again. The days are brighter, daffodils start popping up around my neighbourhood, the dawn chorus of birdsong finally returns each morning and my social media starts filling up with anxious questions about whether local honey can treat hay fever. Now, I realise this is a little self-interested, but here is my attempt to get…

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